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Weeds and Pests

Fusarium Graminearum FG (Fusarium Head Blight FHB)

The ASB is trying to increase awareness of the threat of FG in our County. In summer of 2010 Alberta Agriculture conducted a random survey of cereal crops to test for FG in the north half of the County. The results show that the incidence of this disease is very high, probably due to the wet weather conditions. This disease is prevalent in most parts of the world and can cause severe yield loss and downgrading of quality. Alberta has been relatively free of this disease until recently, the survey results indicate it is now well established in the County of Forty Mile, MD of Taber, and County of Lethbridge.

Many area farmers are familiar with FHB as it is caused by different species of Fusarium, however the graminearum species is much more aggressive and can lead to much higher financial losses. Manitoba estimates it has cost over $1 billion in losses since the 1990’s.

Farmers are encouraged to adopt the following recommendations:

  • Test all cereal seed and implement a zero tolerance approach
  • Use a seed treatment with Fusarium on the label.
  • Avoid irrigating during the flowering period as moisture and humidity allows the disease to infect the heads.
  • Consider using a foliar fungicide just prior to flowering period; follow the label directions for FHB control/ suppression.
  • Use crop rotations as FG will carryover in straw residues, keep in mind that this disease is primarily spread by wind.

Click Here for Alberta Agriculture website on FG.

Click Here for FHB Frequently Asked Questions.

Noxious Weeds

The Agricultural Service Board has a mandate to control Noxious and Prohibited Noxious weeds under authority of the Weed Act.  Our primary concerns are knapweed and leafy spurge as they are found in relatively low numbers in our County and have the potential to cause serious damage. Our staff specializes in identifying and controlling the uncommon and highly invasive weeds that many farmers are not familiar with. Please contact the Agriculture Shop for assistance with identifying Noxious weeds. The Alberta Invasive Plants Council is an excellent resource for identifying invasive weeds.

Report a Rat

If you suspect you have seen a rat or have rats on your property contact the Agriculture Shop immediately. We will come and do an inspection as soon as possible.

Coyote Control

Agriculture Staff are able to distribute a limited amount of toxicants for control of predatory coyotes under very strict conditions. In order to release toxicants we must have a confirmed kill of livestock. The objective of the program is to eliminate the coyote(s) that have developed the habit of killing livestock, general population reduction is not a service we offer.