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News & Public Notices

Disaster Recovery Program

If you live in the County of Forty Mile, and your home, business or
property was damaged by overland flooding in spring 2018, you
may be eligible to receive Disaster Recovery Program funding from
the Government of Alberta. For more information click here.

Fire Advisory Effective Immediately

Fire Advisory in  Effective

Please visit for more information.



The State of Local Emergency (SOLE) that includes all of the County of Forty Mile EXPIRED at 10:40AM April 30, 2018 and was not extended.  However dangerous road conditions remain around the County. Although the SOLE is no longer in effect, the hazard of flooded and damaged roads still continues and will not be mitigated in the short term.   Do not bypass or move barricades or travel through water covered roads as there may be hidden hazards including washout and erosion. Road bans continue to be in effect throughout the County.


Please see important information following this list.

A map of the closed roads is available at

Date Road ClosedTimeReopenTime
April 15, 2018TWP 74 between RR 123 & 12510:0823-Apr-1815:42
April 15, 2018RR 125 between TWP 74 &TWP 8010:08 02-May-18 16:40
April 15, 2018TWP 84 between RR 115 & RR 12010:08 01-May-18 14:16
April 15, 2018RR 124A between TWP 100 & TWP 10210:08April 18, 201813:29
April 15, 2018TWP 104 between RR 120 & RR 12110:08April 18, 201813:29
April 15, 2018TWP 104 between RR 122 & RR 12310:08 06-June-18 10:30
April 15, 2018RR 111 between TWP 94 & TWP 10010:08April 17, 20187:00
April 15, 2018RR 101 between TWP 94 & TWP 10010:08April 24, 20188:50
April 16, 2018RR 115 between TWP 100 & TWP 10210:08April 20, 201810:41
April 16, 2018RR 122 between TWP 90 & TWP 9410:08April 18, 201811:25
April 16, 2018TWP 92 between RR 121 & RR 12310:08April 18, 201811:25
April 16, 2018RR 105 between TWP 94 & TWP 9210:0826-Apr-1813:37
April 16, 2018TWP 92 between RR 104 & RR 11010:0826-Apr-1813:37
April 16, 2018TWP 50 between HWY 879 & RR 11313:29 26-Apr-18 17:00
April 16, 2018TWP 44 between RR 123 & RR 12513:36 04-May-187:21
April 16, 2018RR 110 between Twp 50 & TWP 5213:52 30-Apr-18 15:40
April 16, 2018TWP 82 Btween RR120 & RR 12114:0225-Apr-1816:14
April 16, 2018RR 120 Between TWP 90 & TWP 8414:02April 18, 201815:14
April 16, 2018TWP 74 Between 879 & RR 11215:49Sept 13, 20187:30
April 16, 2018RR 95 Between TWP 80 &TWP 8215:49 30-Apr-18 14:00
April 16, 2018RR 105 Between TWP 80 & TWP 8215:49 30-Aug-18 14:00
April 16, 2018RR 125 TWP 44 intersection16:52 04-May-18 7:57
April 16, 2018RR 130 Between TWP 80 & TWP 8216:55 08-May-18 14:16
April 16, 2018TWP 24 Between RR 63 & RR 7517:44 04-May-18 8:15
April 16, 2018RR 120 Between TWP 62 & HWY 6117:5226-Apr-187:42
April 17, 2018RR 90 Between TWP 44 & TWP509:50 15-May-18 15:15
April 17, 2018RR 120 between TWP 82 & Twp 8410:1926-Apr-188:10
April 17, 2018TWP 82 Between RR 122& RR 12310:41 08-May-18 14:16
April 17, 2018RR 125 Between HWY 61 & TWP 6210:51 30-Apr-18 10:00
April 17, 2018RR 115 between TWP 74 & TWP 8011:1323-Apr-1813:20
April 17, 2018TWP 100 between RR 103& RR 11012:55 02-May-18 17:01
April 17, 2018TWP 82 Between RR 122 & RR 13013:15 08-May-18 14:16
April 17, 2018RR 93 between Hwy 61 & TWP 5213:5423-Apr-188:05
April 17, 2018Twp 55 Between Hwy 885& RR 9313:5423-Apr-188:05
April 17, 2018RR 101 between TWP 92 & TWP9413:54 30-Apr-18 14:00
April 17, 2018TWP 63 Btween RR 103 & RR 10414:4726-Apr-1813:31
April 17, 2018RR120 Between TWP 74 & Twp 7215:08 26-Apr-18 15:50
April 17, 2018Twp 50 between HWY 887 & RR 6315:3818-Apr-187:49
April 17, 2018Twp 62 Between Hwy 879 & RR 12016.0324-Apr-187:22
April 17, 2018RR122 Between Hwy 61 Twp 6216.0325-Apr-187:35
April 17, 2018RR115 Between Hwy 61 TWP 6216.0324-Apr-187:22
April 17, 2018Twp 63 Between RR 103 & RR 10018:08 30-Apr-18 15:40
April 17, 2018RR102 Between Hwy 61 and Twp 6318:08 30-Apr-18 15:40
April 17, 2018RR110 Between TWP 90 & Twp 8420:0024-Apr-188:35
April 17, 2018RR 93 between TWP 44 & TWP 5020:0020-Apr-1810:21
April 17, 2018RR 121 between TWP 104 &TWP11020:5724-Apr-1814:20
April 17, 2018RR 122 Between TWP 82 &TWP 8421:0425-Apr-1816:14
April 17, 2018RR 121 Between TWP 82 &TWP 8421:0425-Apr-189:15
April 17, 2018Twp 84 Between RR 121& RR 12021:0425-Apr-189:15
April 17, 2018Twp 84 Between RR 121& RR 11521:0425-Apr-189:15
April 17, 2018Twp 104 Between RR 120& RR 11521:042018-04-2014:35
April 18, 2018Twp 84 Between RR 121 & RR 1229:5125-Apr-189:15
April 18, 2018RR125 Between Twp 42 &Twp 449:56 30-Apr-18 10:00
April 18, 2018Twp 90 Between RR 103 & RR 10210:17 18-May-18 11:15
April 18, 2018RR 104 Between Twp 84 & Twp 9010:1725-Apr-1811:40
April 18, 2018RR 111 Between Twp 84 &Twp 9010:172018-04-2016:12
April 18, 2018RR 110 Between TWP 94 & Twp 10010:2225-Apr-189:24
April 18, 2018Twp 94 Between RR122&RR12113:11 02-May-18 15:38
April 18, 2018Twp 94ABetween RR120&RR12113:11 27-Apr-18 09:00
April 18, 2018RR121 Between Twp 92 Twp9413:1102-May-18 15:28
April 18, 2018RR121 Between Twp100 Twp94a13:11 27-Apr-18 09:00
April 18, 2018RR 132 Between HWY 61 &TWP 6013:2825-Apr-187:17
April 18, 2018RR 124 Between HWY 61 & TWP 6213:28 30-Apr-18 10:00
April 18, 2018RR 115 Between Twp110 & Twp 10413:2825-Apr-189:56
April 18, 2018RR 125a between Twp 100&Twp 10213:28 x x
April 18, 2018RR111 between twp 50 &Twp4414:2026-June-1812:00
April 18, 2018Twp 40 between RR112 & HWY 87914:20 14-June-18 12:00
April 15, 2018RR 124A between TWP 100 & TWP 10210:0819-Apr-1814:43
April 18, 2018Twp 54 between HWY 877 & RR1 4018:2325-Apr-187:17
April 19, 2018Twp 50 between HWY 887 & RR 6315:38 01-May-18 11:20
April 19, 2018RR 123 Between TWP 40 & Twp 4212:50 17-July-18 14:30
April 19, 2018RR 143 North Off Hwy 6114:48 26-Apr-18 15:50
April 19, 2018Railway Ave between Tiller Street & RR 14114:56 15-May-18 14:00
April 19, 2018RR 141 Between TWP 60 & Twp 7014:59 x x
April 19, 2018RR 140 Between TWP 54 & Twp 6015:0025-Apr-187:17
April 19, 2018RR 141 Between Hwy 61 & Railway Ave14:59 30-May-18 14:00
April 19, 2018RR 112 Between twp 90 & Twp 8414:4324-Apr-1814:20
April 19, 2018TWP 80 Between RR 94 & RR 9514:43 30-Apr-18 14:00
April 20, 2018Twp 52 between RR101 & RR 9513:4826-Apr-1812:49
April 20, 2018RR 95 between TWP 52 & Twp 5413:4826-Apr-1812:49
April 24, 2018RR110 South of Twp 827:08 30-Apr-18 10:00
April 24, 2018Twp 62 Between RR 120 & RR 1228:03 30-Apr-18 10:00
April 26, 2018RR 122 Between Twp 84 &Twp 909:26 26-Apr-18 17:00
April 26, 2018Twp 52 between RR 95 & RR 9312:49 02-May-18 11:30
April 30, 2018Twp 54 between RR 102 & RR 9514:44 14-June-18 12:00
May 3, 2018Twp 70 between RR 134 & RR 13516:45 30-May-18 14:00
April 16, 2018TWP 44 between RR 125 & RR 13213:36 15-May-18 14:00
April 19, 2018RR 141 Between TWP 70 & Railway Ave14:49 15-May-18 14:00

** IMPORTANT** Public Safety Announcement

As repair of road hazards caused by overland flooding continues there is potential for public and personal safety impacts on the travelling public, local residents and residences.

Barricades are in place for your safety please do not move or alter them, violators can be charged by the RCMP.

Flooded Water Wells and Cisterns should be treated as contaminated and unsafe for consumption and or use.

If a mandatory evacuation is issued we remind residents that this action is for your safety, rescue services including ambulance and fire may not be able to reach you or your family in a timely manner or at all.

Events of this nature can leave you stranded without access to basic services including heat, clean water, power, food, medicine and timely access to information.

No evacuation orders or emergency advisories are in effect at this time although the situation can change rapidly. People self-evacuating can contact the Forty Mile Emergency Social Services at 403-545-2200.

As conditions change we recommend that residents stay tuned to local media and COUNTY OF FORTY MILE Website for updates.


Municipal staff are currently engaged in flood mitigation across the entire County of Forty Mile No.8.  Of 88 total closed roads, 88 have been reopened.

Visit this link for a map of the current list of Road Closures throughout the County of Forty Mile No. 8.

All Gravel Roads within the County of Forty Mile are subject to a Road Ban. Heavy trucks have damaged a number of saturated gravel roads and this measure has been implemented to protect municipal infrastructure.

Pumping of Burdett slough continues to protect critical infrastructure.


Temperatures should approach seasonal values later this week. Temperatures are expected to be +25 today and +29 tomorrow.  Rain is forecasted for the area on Sunday and Monday.


Landowners are requested to not increase water flows by unnecessary pumping or excavation. Additional volumes of water pumped into roadways will threaten neighbouring lands and residential properties as well as threaten irrigation and municipal infrastructure.

Residential property owners who have suffered property damage are advised to contact their insurers. Resources on insurance issues may be found at the following link: Insurance Bureau of Canada

Residents are invited to contact the County Public Works Office at 403-867-3940 to report new or rapidly changing road hazards.


Insurance Bureau of Canada

FCSS Counselling Services 1-403-545-2200

Alberta Environment and Parks, Environmental Emergencies Line 1-800-222-6514 Alberta Environment and Parks, Stream Flow Advisories

Alberta Health Services Returning Home Safely After A Flood Coping with Emergencies

Alberta Emergency Management Agency Recovery Advise Home Renovation Tips

The Ag-Info centre number is toll-free across Alberta: 310-FARM (3276)

Alberta Agriculture – Managing wet grain

Alberta Agriculture – Situations with animals

Private water well concerns

US information on managing flooded grain bins from Minnesota

Provincial Disaster Recovery Program

The County of Forty Mile No. 8 has submitted application to the Provincial Government under the Disaster Recovery Program (DRP) for the support of recovery of damages and unusual expenses relating to the 2018 Spring Overland Flooding event. Once a DRP is approved residents, small businesses and others may apply for compensation of uninsurable losses caused by the April overland flooding.  Naturally any documentation or items such as receipts, insurance letters, invoices would assist with any of these claims.   Once a DRP is approved, further notification will be posted

2018 Tax Receipts

Taxpayers who require a receipt for their tax payment may request them by telephone 403-867-3530, fax 403-867-2242, or by email at [email protected]

Renewal of State of Local Emergency

The Local Authority of the County of Forty Mile No. 8 has declared a State of Local Emergency throughout the County due to overland flooding which is impacting various roadways and locations throughout the County.

The public is advised that for the duration of the emergency, the local authority may take any action it deems necessary to deal with the situation.

Click here for more information.



Fire Ban Lifted

Effective immediately, the Fire Ban within the County of Forty Mile No. 8 has been removed until further notice.

Congratulations to the Farm Family of the Year 2018!!

100_9761 (2)

The County of Forty Mile would like to congratulate Terry and Jacquie Doran as this year’s Farm Family of the Year. The Doran’s farm south of Bow Island and have received this award due to the outstanding contributions they make to the community and agriculture. The Farm Family Award is sponsored by the County Commentator and the Calgary Stampede with nominations received by the County. Farm Families from across Southern Alberta are recognized during a special event at the Calgary Stampede.


Water Systems and Quality for Manyberries, Etzikom, Nemiscam and Skiff

Important Notice

Water Quality in Foremost, Manyberries, Etzikom, Nemiscam and Skiff and Surrounding Area

Alberta Health Services, the Village of Foremost and the County of Forty Mile No. 8 are working together to raise awareness regarding high fluoride and other water quality issues in the above region.  The intent for this message is to create awareness to county residents, provide information on the long term potential health concerns with elevated fluoride in drinking water sources and to provide notification on the measures that the municipality is taking to resolve this issue in municipal systems.   In addition, this publication is to encourage testing for the public that may not have information regarding their own private water systems.


Click here to view important information about water quality in Manyberries, Etzikom, Nemiscam and Skiff

40 Mile Park Plan

The County of Forty Mile has employed Scheffer Andrew ltd. of Medicine Hat to create a long term plan for future development of the Park. This plan was initiated in June 2010 with a public meeting to gather input. The 40 Mile Park Management Committee has now developed a drawing and is seeking more public input before final approval of the Plan. Please review the drawings below  and if you have any comments please provide them to [email protected].

Drawing 1

Drawing 2 (Larger with Ortho)

 The existing boat launch will be expanded this upcoming season. The current boat launch will remain but will double in size; additional parking may also be developed depending on funds and time frames.  More information will be provided once engineering and tendering of work has been completed.