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News & Public Notices

40 Mile Park Plan

The County of Forty Mile has employed Scheffer Andrew ltd. of Medicine Hat to create a long term plan for future development of the Park. This plan was initiated in June 2010 with a public meeting to gather input. The 40 Mile Park Management Committee has now developed a drawing and is seeking more public input before final approval of the Plan. Please review the drawings below  and if you have any comments please provide them to [email protected].

Drawing 1

Drawing 2 (Larger with Ortho)

 The existing boat launch will be expanded this upcoming season. The current boat launch will remain but will double in size; additional parking may also be developed depending on funds and time frames.  More information will be provided once engineering and tendering of work has been completed.

Notice: Hay Crop Agreements

The County of Forty Mile No. 8 has passed a policy that permission to cut hay along road allowances or in road ditches be granted under the following conditions… Read the rest of this entry »

Notice: Irrigation Water on Roads

Water from end guns shooting on or across County roads is NOT ALLOWED. This is a very serious safety concern and the person responsible could be held liable if an accident were to occur.

Read more in the attached PDF document.

Notice: Placement of Haystacks & Granaries

The placement of haystacks and portable granaries does not require a development permit, but must meet the following setbacks as specified in the Land Use By-Law: Read the rest of this entry »