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News & Notices

  • Road Closure

    The County of Forty Mile No.8 hereby closes TWP RD 120 between RGE RD 104 and RGE RD 103 until further notice. Please use alternative routes.

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  • Seeking input on management of the Peregrine Falcon

    The Peregrine Falcon is a medium-to-large falcon with long, pointed wings. Over 60% of the North American breeding range of the Peregrine Falcon lies in Canada, occurring in all provinces and territories except Prince Edward Island. We are contacting you because our historic and/or recent occurrence records indicate that the Peregrine Falcon may be located in your municipality. Peregrine Falcons generally nest on cliff ledges or crevices, but are highly adaptable in nest site selection. Please see the enclosed Summary of the Proposed Management Plan to learn more about this species.

    The proposed Management Plan for the Peregrine Falcon in Canada was posted on the Species at Risk Registry on May 29 2015 for a 60-day public comment period, which ends
    July 28 2015. Following the end of this public comment period, we will finalize the document based upon all of the input and comments received. The final document will then be posted on the Species at Risk Registry.

    Summary of the Plan

    Management Questionnaire

    For more information on species at risk please visit our website here.


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  • FIRE Advisory in Effect

    Due to extremely dry conditions the County of Forty Mile No. 8 has imposed a Fire Advisory.  Fire permits will still be issued but we urge residents to strictly follow the conditions applied to the permit.  Domestic Burning Barrels and Recreational Fire Pits must be supervised during burning and confirmed extinguished.

    The Fire Advisory is effective immediately and will remain in place until conditions change reducing the Fire Hazard. 

    For additional information, please contact the County Office at (403) 867-3530.

    Nathan Cote,

    County Fire Chief.

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  • Employee Recognition 2015


    The County of Forty Mile No.8 would like to congratulate this years recipients from left to right: Bill Nicoll – 35 Years of Service, Nathan Ogden – 15 Years of Service, Nathan Cote – 9 Years of Service, Todd Bodin – 25 Years of Service, Charmaine Karl – 35 Years of Service, Jeannine Unser – 9 Years of Service, and Dave Matz – 15 Years of Service. Missing from the photo Tom Hennebury – 9 Years of Service, Steve Pitt – 9 Years of Service, Alvin Cruickshank – 15 Years of Service, and Arthur Burgess – 20 Years of Service.



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