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Administration Contacts

County Administrator (CAO) – Keith Bodin
Executive Assistant – Paula Mueller
Director of Finance – Kerri Buis
Development/Planning/GIS – Nathan Ogden
Assessment – Benchmark Assessment Services
GIS/IT/Communications – Richard Unser
Taxes – Tracey Hughson
Accounts Clerk – Penny Pahl
Payroll Clerk – Shelley McKinley
Steno Clerk – Lynn Gessner
Office Clerk –
Inquiries – please call the main office at 403-867-3530. To send a fax, dial 403-867-2242.


Agricultural Fieldman – Darrell Van Arragon
Inquiries – call the Ag Shop at 403-867-3939.

Public Works

Public Works Superintendent – Wes Hollingsworth
Assistant Public Works Superintendent – Bill Nicoll
Construction Foreman – Robert Hryciuk
Maintenance Foreman – Allan Mastel
Safety and Transportation Officer – Richard Spencer
Partsman – Ray Rumpel
Office Manager – Jeannine Unser
PW Office Clerk – Boyd Granberg
Inquiries – call Public Works at 403-867-3940. To send a fax, dial 403-867-2260.


Water – Stewart Payne
Inquiries – please call 403-867-3530.

Municipal Enforcement or Fire Department

Fire Chief – Dustin McGarry
Bylaw Enforcement – Stewart Payne
Inquiries – please call 403-867-3530