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Assessment and Taxation

After determining a budget, and receiving other requisitions amounts such as the Provincial Education amounts, the County of Forty Mile Council passes a By-Law authorizing the collection of taxes.  The property taxes citizens pay is calculated in proportion to the market value of the real estate property they own.  Determining the value of a property for taxation purposes is known as assessment.  Assessed values are a means of fairly distributing taxes and ensuring that each property owner pays a fair level of tax in relation to his/her neighbour.   To help you understand your taxes, we have posted a variety of information in this area of our web site which can be accessed by the links on the left side of this page.

Property Assessment and Tax Notices are generally mailed in May of each year. If you do not receive your Property Assessment and Tax Notice by the end of June, please contact the County Office immediately. Failure to receive a notice does not exempt you from the responsibility for payment of your taxes.

For the current tax year, the County of Forty Mile has prepared a general assessment that complies with current provincial legislation including the Minister’s guidelines.  Please review your combined assessment and tax notice for each property that you own in the County of Forty Mile to ensure that the information is correct.  Please ensure the property classification and your name and address are correct.

Taxes are due and payable on August 31 of each year. An 8% penalty will be added September 1st to all outstanding balances, and December 1st an additional 7% penalty will be added to all outstanding balances.

If you have not received an assessment and property tax notice, please contact our office.

Remember, it is the tax payers responsibility to ensure that all their property tax is paid in full. If you have purchased land in the current year please ensure that this property is included as part of your current year tax payment.

It is important for us to know all the land you own, whether it is in a company name, numbered company, or in name only. In our system we must connect all your land together to give you the full exemptions you may be entitled to.

The County Office is happy to accept post-dated cheques to August 31st. These cheques will be held until the date on the cheque.  This can avoid the deadline being missed and also can avoid long line-ups on August 31st at the office.  If you wish to send a post-dated cheque, please send it to:

County of Forty Mile No. 8
Box 160
Foremost, Alberta, Canada T0K 0X0

Online Banking for payment of taxes is available through:  ATB Financial, Bank of Montreal, Royal Bank of Canada, Servus Credit Union, TD Canada Trust, CIBC and Scotiabank.

For more information on Assessment related matters, please call the Assessor at the County Office at (403)867-3530.  For questions regarding the payment of taxes, please call the Tax Clerk at the County Office at (403)867-3530 or you are welcome to send an email inquiry to: [email protected]

Much more information about your tax and assessment can be found at Alberta Municipal Affairs.