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Planning & Development

The Development Officer and Planning Advisor provide fairness and a straight forward experience for our stakeholders when processing subdivision applications or development applications. County staff provide guidance and information on By-Laws, Plans and Policies so that residents will be able to make informed choices. Our staff are knowledgeable in matters of permits, zoning, surveying, property lines, future development plans for specific areas, access to properties, and various bylaws regarding land usage.

The Municipal Development Plan addresses future land use within the County, manner of and proposals for future development, co-ordination with other Municipalities and transportation within the County.   Land use within the County is directed by this document, and the Land Use Bylaw 10/2009 is consistent with this plan.

The Municipal Government Act requires that every municipality must pass a Land Use By-Law.  According to the Act, County Council must divide the County into districts, outline uses permitted and discretionary in those districts, and establish a method of making decisions and issuing permits.  If a party wishes to change the currently designated land use district of a parcel of land to accomodate a new subdivision or development not allowed in the current district, an Amendment to the Land Use By-Law can be made to request Council to change the district.

If a landowner wishes to subdivide their property into smaller parcels or combine several smaller parcels into one, Subdivision is required.  The Municipal Development Plan protects agricultural land by discouraging subdivision of agricultural land into smaller parcels except to create a more viable farming unit or where there are physical barriers such as waterways.

Following the issuance of a Development Permit, many developments require a Building, Plumbing, Gas or Electrical or other Alberta Safety Codes Permit.

An Application for Development must be made for any Development not specifically excluded in the Land Use By-Law.  For any Development within the County of Forty Mile No. 8 please contact Development Officer Nathan Ogden for information or assistance regarding the required permits.

Phone: (403) 867-3530
Fax: (403) 867-2242


Difference between a Development Permit and a Building Permit

Do I need a Development Permit & Information on obtaining a Development Permit

Obtaining a Building Permit

Accredited Permitting Agencies

More information about Sub-division

Municipal Development Plan

Land Use By-Law

Environmentally Significant Areas

Application to Amend the Land Use By-Law

Application for Sub-division

Sub-division Requirements

Application for Development

Fee Schedule

Development Permit Application Fee – $75.00 for permitted use
Development Permit Application Fee – $75.00 for discretionary use
Development and Subdivision Appeal Fee – $100.00
Letter of Compliance Fee – $30.00
Copy of Land Use Bylaw – $20.00 plus GST (free on web site)
Subdivision Application Fee $400.00 plus $100.00 per parcel created.
Amendment of Land Use Bylaw – $500.00