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Spray Program

As part of our overall Weed and Vegetation Management Program within the County, the Agriculture Service Board will begin spraying shortly and continue throughout the Summer and Fall.

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Weed control is the largest program we run. Currently we have two 3- ton spray trucks and three 1-ton spray trucks all are equipped with GPS tracking to map where and when pesticides are applied. We also have an ATV spraying crew that does weed control in sensitive environmental areas such a creek and river bottoms to control leafy spurge and knapweed. The ATV crew also looks after general weed control on County property, hamlets, parks, and cemeteries.

The roadside spray program has a goal of spraying every road in the County once and if time and budgets allow we perform a second application in the irrigated areas and high traffic dryland areas. We avoid blanket spraying roadsides and instead spot spray individual weeds in order to reduce pesticide use. Our current policy is to not spray directly adjacent to a residence or farmyard unless requested by the resident. We currently perform all weed control along primary and secondary highways within the County under contract to Volker Stevin.

Downloadable Spray Maps can be located here:






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